Couch Surfing is a great way to dive into the local scene everywhere you travel and bring the culture to you when you're at home. My friends and I made this video as part of the 'Get Inspired' video contest is having. We got inspired when Reyam actually came to New York City from Egypt and surfed our couch, we're all great friends now and it was fun recreating it all.

Video conceptualized and produced by Bunker Seyfert, Tim Ahern, Reyam Ali Molla and me. Primary camera work done by Bunker, secondary camera work done by me. Tim & Reyam are the principal actors (with a bit cameo by yours truly. All editing done by Bunker.  Music generously provided by μT8  (also known as our friend Dirk McGurk).

"Mike Taylor Remix" by μT8 (